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Tungsten carbide milling cutter wear and prevent measures
  • Date:16-11-17 08:24
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Wear form
Similar to the basic laws of milling cutter wear and cutter. High speed tungsten carbide milling cutters cutting depth is small, especially when milling, slide cutter on the workpiece surface extrusion, more serious, so on the milling tool wear occurs mainly in the back. When using tungsten carbide face milling cutter milling steel, due to high cutting speed, cutting along the front velocity, so behind the wear at the same time, also preceded by smaller cutter wear.
Tungsten carbide milling cutter for high-speed intermittent cutting tooth experiencing repeated mechanical and thermal shocks, cracks caused by fatigue damage of the tooth. Higher milling speed, this milling cutter wear out sooner and more severely. Most of carbide face milling cutter cutting ability of lost due to fatigue failure. If the milling cutter geometry chose an unreasonable or improper use, poor tooth strength, after the large impact on tooth, will produce no crack of milling cutter wear.
Prevention measures
(L), rational selection of Cutter blade type should use high toughness and resistance to hot cracking susceptibility of small and has good heat resistance and abrasion resistance of blade materials. For example: when milling steel, YS30, YS25 and other brands can be used a blade can be used for milling of cast iron YD15 and other brands blade prevents the milling cutter wear.
(2), the rational use of milling: under certain conditions, there is a secure working area is not damaged. Select Vc and ƒ z in the safe operating area, can ensure the cutter to work properly, preventing the milling cutter wear.
(3), the relative position of choosing between the workpiece and Cutter: the reasonable choice of installation position for reducing milling face milling cutter tool wear play an important role.
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