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How to choose good quality tungsten carbide milling cutter
  • Date:16-11-17 08:26
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How tungsten steel cutters should be aware of the following issues:
1 clamping process, milling cutter milling cutter most spring clamp set, when used in a cantilever State. Process of milling, milling cutter from the tool holder may sometimes occur gradually extended, or even completely dropped, resulting in artifacts scrapped, its reasons for knife holder holes and oil film between the outer diameter of the end mill tool holders, resulting in insufficient clamping force. Milling cutter manufactured are typically coated with antirust oil, if using non-water soluble cutting oil when cutting, knife holder holes will be attached to a layer of fog oil, when you saved film tool shank tool holder, tool holder is difficult to firmly clamp the shaft machining milling cutter is easy to loose drop. End milling cutter before clamping, should first end milling tool shank tool holder hole cleaning in clean, dry before clamping. When the milling cutter diameter is large, even though shank tool holder are clean, can also occur off the knife incident, then should be used with flat gap handle side locking mode. After milling cutters clamped another problem may occur processing end mill holders port broken, its reasons for tool holders used for too long, knife between ports has worn into a cone.
2, end milling cutter vibration due to milling cutter and tool holder which exist between small clearance, so the tool vibration may occur. Vibration can cause uneven milling cutter circle edge knife and spread than the original value, machining precision tool life. But when machining the Groove width offset hour, can also have the tool vibration, by increasing the spread to get the required width of grooves, but in this case the endmill should be below maximum amplitude 0.02mm, otherwise it is impossible for stable cutting. Normal machining milling cutter vibration, the smaller the better. When the cutting tool vibration occurs, consider cutting speed feed rate, both of which has been reduced by 40% remain after vibration, you decrease the amount of engagement should be considered. Processing system of resonance, the reason may be cutting speed is too large and small feed speed, rigidity of the tool system inadequate inadequate, workpiece clamping force and workpiece shape or workpiece clamping method and other factors, should be taken to adjust the cutting parameters, increase tool stiffness, increase feed rate, among other measures.
3, end milling cutter with blade cutting workpieces such as mold cavity NC-milling, when the cutting point is depressed or when deep cavities, need to add long endmill protrusion. If you use a long blade-type milling cutter and tool deflection is large, prone to vibrate and cause tool damage. Process, if you only want tools near the ends of the blade to participate in cutting, it is best to use tools total length is the length flute length shank-type milling cutter. Horizontal CNC machine tools using large diameter end mill cutter on the workpiece, resulting deformation due to the weight of the tool, should pay great attention to the end-edge cutting more prone to problems. You must use a long blade-type milling cutter case, you will need to significantly reduce cutting speed feed rate.
4, selection of cutting parameters selection of cutting speed mainly depends on the workpiece material; feed speed choice mainly depends on the workpiece material and the milling cutter diameter. Some with cutting tool manufacturer tool sample parameter list, for reference. Selection of cutting parameters and machine tools, tooling systems, clamping the workpiece shape mode, and many other factors, cutting speed feed rate should be adjusted according to the actual situation. When priority is to tool life and reduce cutting speed feed rate; when a chip from the edge when the situation is bad, it may be appropriate to increase the cutting speed.
5, cutting way clockwise to prevent the blades from damage, increased tool life. But there are two points to note: ① ordinary machining, should seek to eliminate the clearance of the feed mechanism; when the surface residue casting, forging forming oxidation film or other hardened layer, suitable for milling.
6 use high speed steel, carbide end milling cutter milling cutter used the more general use, even if improper cutting condition selection is slightly, it would not be too much of a problem. Carbide end mills high-speed cutting, have good resistance to abrasion, but it uses a wider range than high speed steel end milling cutter, must strictly conform to the tool and cutting conditions required.
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