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Buying tools, what should we do homework?
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Tool class
No matter what selection tool must be able to understand is:
Processing material is what? What kind of machine? Finish is rough? There are no drawings? What is pressed? Knife party? Blade type?
, Cylindrical turning tools:
Request tool tool cutting edge angle is how many degrees? There are no drawings required? Processing of materials is what? Have a hardness?
Second, hole cutting tool:
How big in diameter? How much depth? Machine tool sheath diameter size? Neikongyou not interfere?
Third, grooving tool:
To cut how much deeper? Slot width? Is a face Groove \ cylindrical Groove or a slot cutter? Maximum machining diameter and minimum turning diameter is?
Four cutting knives:
Cutting large diameter? Required slot width?
Five, threading tool:
Threading tool forehand? Outside thread or thread? Metric is English? Pitch be?
Tool holder class
Milling cutter: (in the machining center, for example)
Tool and machine what is the connection? BT\NT\CAT\ISO\R8\DINE\HSK\MT
1. Clamping drill class:
Collet type or three JAWS centering class? Mounted much of a tool? ER what?
Taper shank type what handle? How long is it?
2. Clamping and milling cutters:
Require clamping of milling cutter is how much? Powerful \ is standard or high speed?
Taper shank type what handle? threaded hole is how old?
3. Clamping screw tap classes:
Requires flexible rigid tapping is tapping? Big taps?
4. Clamping face milling cutter type:
Diameter of the cutter is how old? The inscribed circle cutter much? Metric is inch hole? There is no length requirement?
5. Boring knife:
A. rough boring tool
Modular is Asana? Scope of request processing is how old? Length of processing? Whether with long rods?
B ... precision boring tool
Modular is Asana? The amount of precision machining? Length of processing is much? Working range of required increases with long rods?
6. Tool touch sensor:
Table or display or a projection? Measuring range how big is it? Measurement accuracy is?
Tool class
One. Milling cutter:
1. solid-type milling cutter
End milling cutter is a high speed steel or carbide? The amount of hardness process? Length requirements low? How many blades? Ball head is flat? The grip is how many degrees? Thread for how much? What type of coating? Helix angle how many degrees?
2. blade-type milling cutters
1) shaft milling cutters
Required diameter how? Blade angle without requirements? How long the length of processing?
2) cutter classes;
How much diameter? Required blade angle is? Finish is rough? Not required cutter clearance angles?
II. Drills:
1) straight shank twist drills
Request bit is high-speed or carbide? Turning diameter is how old? Processing depth is how many? Blade has no requirements?
2) taper shank drills
Tool is the date the original sheath? Turning diameter is how old? Request processing depth is how many? Blade has no requirements?
III. Tapping class:
1) spiral taps
Want the left or the right-hand tapping? Required thread size how big is it? Is metric or Imperial? Processing accuracy levels? Processing material is what? Stems whose standards?
2) straight fluted taps
Processing material is what? Is hand-tapping or attack?
IV. Chamfer cutters:
Required chamfer range is how old? Angle is how many degrees?
V. Reamer:
1) straight shank reamers
Processing depth is how many? The accuracy is? Processing diameter is how old?
2) taper shank reamers
Original sleeve is what size? Processing depth is how many? The accuracy is? Processing diameter is how old?
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