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Effect of CNC lathe cutting speed, depth and feed rate of what?
  • Date:16-11-17 08:16
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CNC lathes can be equipped with multi-position turret or tooling towers, has a wide range of processing, machining linear cylinders, oblique line cylinders, arc and the various threads, grooves, complex parts such as worm, with linear interpolation, circular interpolation of compensation function, play in the production of complex parts and good economic results. Programming of CNC lathe cutting parameter of each procedure must be determined. When you select the cutting, must fully consider the various factors affecting the cutting, right select cutting conditions, reasonably determine the cutting, can effectively improve quality and yield.
General conditions affecting speed, depth of cut and feed rate are machine tools, tools, cutting tools and workpieces of rigid; cutting speed, cutting depth and feed rate; accuracy and surface roughness of workpiece; maximum productivity and tool life expectancy; the type of cutting fluid, cooling; the hardness of work material and heat treatment condition; number of artifacts; machine life.
Cutting tool materials, allows the maximum cutting speed is also different. HSS high temperature cutting speed is less than 50m/min, carbide cutter high temperature cutting speeds of up to 100m/min per cent, high temperature resistance of ceramic tools in cutting speed of up to 1000m/min. The workpiece material. Work material hardness level will affect the cutting speed, cutting speed should be reduced when the same tool for machining hard materials, and machining soft material, cutting speed can be increased. Tool life. Tool time (lifetime) requires long, you should lower the cutting speed. Conversely, higher cutting speeds can be used. Cutting depth and feed rate. Cutting depth and feed rate, cutting resistance is large, heat will increase the cutting speed should be reduced. The shape of the tool. The shape and angle of the tool size and sharpness of the blade will affect the cutting speed is selected.
The above factors in CNC lathe cutting speeds, depth of cut and cutting feed rate as the main factors. Cutting speed directly affects efficiency. If the cutting speed is too small, the cutting time is lengthened, the tool cannot perform its functions if the cutting speed too fast, although you can reduce cutting time, but cutter easy to produce high affect tool life. Factors affecting the cutting speed, most major cutting tool material. Mainly affected by the stiffness of machine tool cutting depth constraints, availability of rigidity in machine tools, the cutting depth should be as large as possible, without precision restriction, you can make the cutting depth is equal to the machining allowance.
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