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Our CNC tools critical economic development environment
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Tool to create a healthy and sustainable development, and transformation of the development pattern, improve the level of manufacturing. This is in line with the CPC Central Committee about us you want to change the development mode among the 35 requested, that is, from the quantity, low value, high consumption of the manufacturing sector, to heavy levels, high added-value, green manufacturing.
China's consumption of metal cutting tools, in General, continued the growth trend of 2010, an increase in the aggregate. According to estimates, our 2011 annual tool consumption of about 39 billion yuan in 2010, about 13%, which consumes about 27 billion yuan of domestic cutting tools in 2010, growth is less than 4% and consumed the import tool is about 12 billion yuan in 2010, up about 25%.
CNC tool is machinery used in the manufacture of cutting tools, after years of development, China's numerical control cutting tool industry matured not only variety is complete in specifications, die manufacturing is great to meet market demand. Because of the bad economy, many business owners are trying to save costs and increase productivity. Dongguan grinding equipment so their long life, have a soft spot and affordable tool. CNC tool types, size range, large number, is more common in the market of milling, boring, reamer, drill, lathe tools and knives. They are widely used in high hardness, high strength machining industry, such as precision machining technology, automotive, energy, and the motorcycle industry, automobile and electronics and information technology industries.
Severe economic environment this year, CNC cutting tool industry more or less affected, but corporate demand remained stable. But a growing number of enterprises more strict precision of the CNC tool. In fact, customers purchasing tool, in addition to the emphasis on processing quality is able to do, and more about how to reduce the cost of parts and products to achieve higher profits. Tool enterprise service consciousness throughout the value chain to be turning workpieces from the tool itself, mainly to try to reduce production costs. For customers who choose CNC tool first concern is quality, then price, NC cutting tools industry in versatility, better stability and accuracy.
Many from Japan and the United States, and Switzerland, and Korea imported CNC tool with new blade shape, small blade sizes, small cutting angle and the new clamping structure by many businesses love. In addition, the various combinations, dedicated CNC cutting tools is also the car, mold and other industries important machining tools. Its most important feature is that processing will be completed in a single clamping, tool management, lower tool costs have demonstrated a remarkable role.
CNC tool dealers are keenly aware, the current NC tool on the market, weak independent innovation ability of domestic CNC tool. Most of the manufacturers or imitation and reverse research, this totally dependent on the developed countries on the development of led technology, lost control and always follow behind others. Whether the seller or the manufacturer, must be fully aware of this, and constantly reinforce the Foundation in development, enhance the capacity of independent development, positioning market, increased share of high-end products. It is also the tool die industry the major tasks and development trend in the future.
Tool market demand is growing around the world. National growth and stability in Europe, North America, especially in Eastern Europe, Asian markets rebounded slightly, the market potential is large, significant market growth in Latin American countries, especially Mexico. In terms of technical updates, carbide tools gradually replacing high speed steel tools, especially the round tool. Application of coated tools become more common, in Europe, the new high speed machining tool market share continues to grow. Manufacturer developments. From the tool manufacturer cooperation, in the field of high-tech markets there will be a lot of big corporate mergers.
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