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  • Tool to create a healthy and sustainable development, and transformation of the development pattern, improve the level of manufacturing. This is in line with the CPC Central Committee about us you want to change the development mode among th
  • Made in China 2025 puts forward new requirements for CNC technology talents, aiming at made in China 2025 under the background of NC technology, training planning and concrete measures put forward some views. Made in China 2025 national stra
  • CNC lathes can be equipped with multi-position turret or tooling towers, has a wide range of processing, machining linear cylinders, oblique line cylinders, arc and the various threads, grooves, complex parts such as worm, with linear inter
  • Tool class No matter what selection tool must be able to understand is: Processing material is what? What kind of machine? Finish is rough? There are no drawings? What is pressed? Knife party? Blade type? , Cylindrical turning tools: Request
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