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  • Steel milling cutter is a tungsten (tungsten carbide, also known as tungsten and titanium alloys) produced by the tool. Mainly used for CNC machining center, CNC engraving machine. Can also be mounted to milling processing on some of the mo
  • How tungsten steel cutters should be aware of the following issues: 1 clamping process, milling cutter milling cutter most spring clamp set, when used in a cantilever State. Process of milling, milling cutter from the tool holder may sometim
  • Tungsten carbide cutter milling method In order to ensure the smooth surface milling carried out before starting the milling, the whole process has a clear estimate. Is a rough milling or fine milling to? Machined surface will be used as ben
  • Wear form Similar to the basic laws of milling cutter wear and cutter. High speed tungsten carbide milling cutters cutting depth is small, especially when milling, slide cutter on the workpiece surface extrusion, more serious, so on the mil
  • Profile Cemented carbide milling cutter is used in a milling cutter made of cemented carbide materials. Understand the need to know what is the carbide the carbide milling cutter, carbide is high hardness of refractory metal carbides (WC, a
  • We has himself of production factory, and optimization Super Micro-grain tungsten steel alloy material, and United States (kennamtala) Germany cobalt led provides, and equipment ROLLOMATIC (Roman warned the grams) Grindsmsart 628XS 6 axis li
  • The company has massive inventory, small orders can be shipped on the day, 100,000-300,000 orders delivery 5-25 day shipping.
  • We will according to the dealers to midrange customers to contact a different price range (discount) details and sales negotiable (goods in our company is absolutely high performance-price ratio)
  • Yes, we can produce according to your design requirements, generally takes 20 orders, delivery within 10. After the company paid cash, non-standard non-returnable.
  • Tool to create a healthy and sustainable development, and transformation of the development pattern, improve the level of manufacturing. This is in line with the CPC Central Committee about us you want to change the development mode among th
  • Made in China 2025 puts forward new requirements for CNC technology talents, aiming at made in China 2025 under the background of NC technology, training planning and concrete measures put forward some views. Made in China 2025 national stra
  • CNC lathes can be equipped with multi-position turret or tooling towers, has a wide range of processing, machining linear cylinders, oblique line cylinders, arc and the various threads, grooves, complex parts such as worm, with linear inter
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