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Dongguan xinbang cnc tool co., LTD. is a tungsten carbide cutter development, production companies are CNC tooling industry association unit of Dongguan city, Dongguan metals machinery industry association and Shenzhen machinery industry association member units, civilized credit operators. China marketing headquarters is located in mould metal town--Changan, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, China. Sinbon since its inception, established the "honesty, create the future" business philosophy of win-win, for many years under the all new and old customers the support and love, believe has grown, customers all over the country and Southeast Asia, has its own famous brand: Ken, and introducing new international brands: POWER, HADENIA.

Xinbang company has build has tungsten steel tool industry a article chain, in Dongguan Changan has: alloy material development production factory, existing extrusion forming, and pressure sintering, imports equipment, and the well-known abroad alloy material enterprise technology team; tungsten steel tool development production factory, existing equipment Germany WALTER Walter, and Australia ANCA Caux NC tool grinder, complete of Qian road process related equipment, imports of detection equipment, and the engaged in IT, and car, and space aviation tool development production more than 10 years experience technology team. We can solve our customers use and problems in the processing of products, rapid response, and can even reduce your processing costs, improve processing efficiency. Companies more than 800 square meters of Office, located inside the Office and warehousing integration Office, professional commercial-quality marketing and after sales team and set up in major markets around the exhibition hall and the regional service, intention to serve every customer service! Looking back on our success, believe people thank you! looking to the future, believe people are full of confidence and hope!, we will continue to provide you with the most cost-effective CNC cutting tools and high quality service!

Tel:0769-81589710 85649010  85649020
Email:dgxinbangcnc@163.com    Web site:www.xinbangcnc.com 
Address:Dongguan Chang'anzhen Evergreen international commerce building 3 buildings
Factory site:Dongguan Chang'anzhen Cai Wu the fifth industrial district inspires prosperous road 20