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18 professional tool manufacturing, industry-leading

Plant covers an area of 20000 square meters, has a professional technical team,
dozens of researchand development production technology workers
For ROLLOMATIC Switzerland, Germany WALTER, Australia ANCA
tool grinding center company
Suppliers with Germany and the United States, founded the domestic production
of research and development center
Specializing in the production of research and development the overall carbide
milling cutter, provide one-stop service solution to our customers

Abundant, complete specifications, quality assurance,
the same quality best price

With large warehouses, normal product inventory overstock, guaranteed delivery speed
Tungsten steel milling cutter, CNC cutting tools and so on all kinds of products, complete
specifications, the maximum meet the market needs, allowing you to choose
From material selection, production process, painted to the commodity inspection are
handled by professionals, 100% guarantee high quality products
First-class production base of industry, scale production, save the intermediate links,
lower cost, the optimal price

High quality, high quality after-sales service, for your peace of mind

7 * 24 hours of rapid response, timely solve your confusion
Professional after-sale technical team, new and old customers return visit regularly,

at any time to provide technical guidance
Network marketing group 24 hours online!
The efficient logistics cooperation, efficient fast

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Dongguan xinbang cnc tool co., LTD. Is an enterprise engaged in r&d, production of tungsten steel cutter, is CNC cutting tool industry association, vice President of units, dongguan city, dongguan city hardware machinery mould industry association director unit, shenzhen machinery industry association member units, the good faith management business civilization. Marketing headquarters is located in China mold and die hardware town, China - guangdong province dongguan changan.
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